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A Savannah Haunting (2022)

Well, well, where do you even start with this? I feel I must first take issue with the film's existence at all. If this is, as is claimed in the opening credits.

The story of the Writer/Director's experience after losing a child and the families attempt to move forward from such a tragedy, then it would appear to be in extremely poor taste, that a person would attempt to profit from the demise of their own child for the purposes of telling a scary story, hoping to make a quick buck. If you wanted to tell a realistic horror story, just let the sentence or two above sink in for a minute.

It wouldn't be worth it, even if it was any good, which I can't say, hand on heart, that it is. Maybe I just couldn't get over the bile in my stomach that was making me nauseous at the whole sordid idea.

All of the usual tropes are included, old cheap house, bought for a bargain with little or no homework done to find out why. Bratty teenage daughter, likely possessed younger son with an imaginary friend, creepy ass doll that refuses to stay in the bin, mad local woman that drives what little plot there is, as without them, the clueless idiots, grieving though they may be, would never have a clue what was going on around them.

The script is about as good as you might imagine, it's teeth-gratingly predictable and ham-fistedly performed. The direction is unimaginative and without real inspiration. Without a moment's sarcasm, you could write a more original story in braille while jumping up and down on a trampoline, in crayon.

Truly dreadful. Goodbye scare month. See you next year.

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