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Above Suspicion (2020)

I remember being put off this at the time by watching the trailer of Emilia Clarke and her very particular Kentucky accent. Add to that the presence of Johnny Knoxville trying to pull off a dramatic role with any kind of surety. Nope, not my cup of tea. I would rather not have the vision of my lovely Emilia sullied by this druggy hick claptrap. To be honest, I wondered why she had even got involved. Better than that, I imagined.

As it transpired, Knoxville playing an idiot drug dealer didn't seem to be the stretch I initially imagined. Don't get me wrong, I love him doing stupid shit with his mates on Jackass, but a spot of proper acting always seemed a step too far for him.

What really makes the movie is Emilia Clarke. There is a reason that she has become such a major star. The woman's performance is not to be missed. She is truly a fantastic actor, one of the best of her generation and she is electric in this. She fizzes on screen and every shot of her warrants your full attention as she can imply a feeling so well with just a glance as a word. I firmly believe if she was born in the thirties she would have been as iconic as any silver screen goddess.

Based on a true story, though veering away from the facts at times, this is an often chilling tale of a love affair between an FBI Agent (Huston) and an informer (Clarke) in the right place at the right time. He is focused and she is opportunistic, street-smart and yet still naïve.

This is slower than it needs to be as the plot is very simple, which makes the pace frustrating at times, but the performances are mostly good and the direction is above average. I don't feel I've missed too much coming to this a couple of years later than maybe I should have done, but nonetheless surprised and happy to have seen it in the end.

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