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Academy Dreams Leeds United

Six episode documentary on the Under-23 Academy at Leeds United, following a season after achieving promotion to the Premier League 2, and the ups and owns of a chaotic season, leading to a fight for survival in the most competitive domestic league in their age group.

Being the age that I am, having boys of my own roughly the same age, give or take, you can easily watch this as a die-hard Leeds fan of the first team and see these kids as your own. Personally, these aren't new faces to me or to many other Leeds fans, who are fiercely supportive of this bunch of young men as well as the more famous Premier league contenders. This diary of a season was not news to any of us, but will prove to be quite gripping if you're a football fan but don't follow the fortunes of this second tier of Premiership competition.

I rattled through all six episodes in the space of a few hours this Saturday morning, as all episodes are currently showing on Amazon Prime, released only yesterday. You don't need to be a Leeds United fan per se, or even a football fan in general, but you can expect to enjoy it much more if you are. A fitting addition to the more well-known Amazon produced 'Take Us Home: Leeds United' which concentrates on two seasons prior to their promotion to the big time.

Narrated by ex-Leeds lunatic, Vinnie Jones.


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