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Alice, Darling (2023)

The most surprising thing about this was the response from my peers about how shocked they were that Kendrick could actually act. Must be the Pitch Perfect fans, I thought. Whilst that remains a much-loved and delightful franchise, it really doesn't stretch her talent. They must also have short memories if Up In The Air and A Simple Favour are anything to go by.

Having direct experience with a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship, I have to say that her performance is very much on the money here. It can be exhausting trying to convince someone to love you all the live long day, every day, systematically having your friends and family erased through coercion and manipulation, until all that is left is the object of your desire, who by then is so in control of you that you would do anything to please them, threatened to be left with literally nothing.

The deeply personal story will be recognised by many as maybe a snapshot of their own existence and will hit home hard because of it. As such, this needed kid gloves, which the film understands and gives due deference to, unrolling the trauma with considered pace and brevity.

I would love to say I enjoyed it, but I didn't in the least and for all of the right reasons. It stopped me in my tracks and gave me a good mental shake, in fact, and it will you too and most likely linger in your soul for more time than most.


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