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All My Friends Hate Me (2021)

"If 'Peter's Friends' had been written by Ben Wheatley." I don't know who said it but they're almost perfectly right. I think Wheatley's version would be darker still than what we witnessed here, but the same awkward thriller comedy is all too familiar with alot of his work.

As with the aforementioned tale, this is a simple enough premise of old University chums getting together in a posh toff's house to celebrate the birthday of our protagonist, Pete (Tom Stourton). When his friends all eventually turn up, they bring a surprise guest with them. A lively sort from the pub, Harry. Upstaged by this new face, Pete is put out and over the period of the getaway, becomes more and more convinced that Harry has something against him.

The story is simple and the acting all above average. It feels achingly British in its sensibilities and style. The script is smart and pops due to excellent casting. The real trick here would be to marry the uncomfortable and often terrifying with the amusing and farcical which is no mean feat. They mostly get away with it yet it doesn't hit the bullseye all the time.

Worth a watch, but you'll only probably bother the once.


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