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Ambulance (2022)

A reminder that some people think cinema is all about spectacle. It isn't of course, but if you want to be visually and aurally assaulted for a couple of hours, then the latest from Michael Bay might be just up your alley.

Signature lens-flares, with garish edits, even in those moments of quiet were evident early on, so we already knew we were going to be getting a familiar ride with Bay at the helm. Breakneck and balls-out, we cannot really argue about the effect he has had on cinema.

Often derided, Bay has been quiet for the past few years while all this time Marvel have moved into the space reserved for big-time bells and whistles.

Timely then that Bay should be back, reminding us just how good he is at bare-knuckle action delivery. The script is effortlessly cool, albeit unforgivably cheesy as usual and whilst one of my all times faves, Jake Gyllenhaal, is a great addition to this, and to whom most of the best lines are given, fails to drop them effectively as he might, with some actually falling flat entirely.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable, ridiculous and engaging project that is probably equal parts overlong and fond of itself. Bay's return is a most welcome one, as while much maligned, he really has no equal here.


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