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An American Pickle (2020)

A perfectly likeable, mostly inoffensive comedy about a man that comes back to life after one hundred years of being submerged in pickled brine. Yes, you read that right.

You might gather therefore that it is not, despite its frequent dips into the importance of family values and historical significance, really based any way on fact.

This is merely a what if, with Seth Rogen playing the re-invigorated Jewish ditch-digger/rat catcher unearthed by some kids in a long dilapidated Brooklyn pickle factory and his Great Grandson, also played by Rogen, a mobile app creator.

Oh, what an unusual premise. Imagine all the fun they will have. The set up seems perfect for japes and shenanigans aplenty!

Well, that's just how their unlikely relationship begins, but they soon fall out and Great Grandfather and Great Grandson become at odds with one another.

This should really be an easy play for Rogen, with heaps of material to take advantage of, given the unlikely circumstances. And to be fair, it's not that bad, just nowhere near getting close to the achievement of the original promise it could have delivered, had it a mind to. There are the expected religious jabs and nods to an out of touch man with unfortunate opinions that are no longer acceptable, but these are mostly overlooked and it lacks bite because of it.

It didn't pass the five laugh test. mustering only the one where Herschel threatens 'terrible violence'. This roundly underperforms and is disappointing given its promise.

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