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Anatomy of a Fall (2023)

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The French accent makes me want to drink wine. *opens Shiraz*. Don't scold, first alcohol in more than six months. It just gives off a vibe of natural sophistication which probably says more about me than I would care to admit, but I've already had a glass, so...

Simply, this is quite remarkable for all of the myriad of reasons I would rather not delve into, but this struck me on a deeply personal level. The writing is actually inspired and the performances likewise, suggesting a recogniition of the subject matter as all too personal. Often, I found myself open-mouthed and lost in its telling, so rarely does cinema grab you by the throat and give you a harsh, unforgiving throttle.

This is overtly sobering and all too harrowing in its telling, deftly considered and uncomfortably real. It uses the runtime wisely and regularly throws the viewer into all too familiar bouts of reality that we all would rather avoid, played out domestically and in a courtroom drama that asks all the questions that daily lives would overlook and dismiss, if dropped into the same position.

Ultimately, film is there to tell you a story. If it can entertain, then all the better. And if it can make you think about yourself and the world around you whilst the story entertains, well, you're onto a success.

The film has divided people, not by its quality, which is in no doubt whatsoever, but by its outcome, which is its own skill. This could have gone a number of ways and like me, you will no doubt be left with an opinion, even if you're next door neighbour would think otherwise.

Quite rightly Palme D'Or in my opinion, and arguably film of the year so far.

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