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Antlers (2021)

If only this had been better in every way. Light on myth, script, acting and directing. Coming out two years late on Halloween this year, to try and recoup some of the cost, no doubt, from an 'access all cinemas' perspective, this has a semi-decent set up, but then adamantly refuses to really go anywhere with it.

We are left with a myriad of questions, not least why the monster chooses to target certain individuals and yet other attacks are seemingly random and why one attack that would kill one person doesn't kill another?

Without spoiling the plot, it's quite hard to talk about as there is so little to this, that the plot is really all we're left with, and even then, we are doing it a considerable service by suggesting it has one.

Given the furore surrounding both its delay and its eventual arrival, this can best be described as underwhelming. The ending was equal parts fun and fraught, however, and kudos for the monster effects.

If I said it once, blah blah blah - don't believe the hype.


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