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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023)

Okay, I will admit I was dragged somewhat kicking and screaming to the first of these, but when I got there, as promised, I had a much better time with it than I was expecting. So, here we are again, a little earlier this time, only without the gnashing and wailing of denial.

And on first impressions (there won't be second ones as I won't be sitting through it again) this is pretty much everything we were expecting and were promised, with one notable existing element that we could all have done without. But hey, that must have been a tricky contract to negotiate, so needs must when the devil drives, I guess.

It's big budget with big bangs and big whistles and it really has to be as the whole thing is so completely ridiculous. As a viewer with little to no interest or knowledge of the backstory prior to the original and short memory even for that, the object of this exercise was never much more than to look at the shiny things and hope to keep up.

I was repeatedly reminded of both The Mummy (Brendan Fraser's) and John Carter, with a bit of Prince of Persia thrown in, none of which are really reknowned for their nautical forays. It looks good, certainly, but this does go to prove the point that image is not everything.

One for the DC fans I'm sure, not to mention your casual cinemagoer without a plan at the ticket office when wondering just what to spend their money on. You could do worse and visually it's worth a once over, but this won't resonate with anyone apart from the most ardent, of which I could never honestly call myself one.


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