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Arctic Void (2022)

Brrrr, welcome to Svalbard everybody! If you came here because you were bored of your everyday existence, the monotonous, never-ending drabness that you suffer through for what seems like eternity, then boy, have you made a questionable choice. I mean you could have gone literally anywhere else. Masochists, doh!

I get the idea of placing this rather perambulatory tale in the northernmost township of the planet, the last vestige of humanity is a cruel, unforgiving and dangerous place and ripe for a story of being lost, helpless and well, kinda fucked, really. Personally, I think you could have shot this in Wigan at 4am on a Monday in November and have achieved the same result, but here we are, freezing our nuts off, hoping to not get eaten by polar bears.

And honestly, this starts with a fair degree of promise as three Americans, making a documentary, find themselves on a boat carrying a host of tourists and scientists from all over the globe. Everything is going well until, of course, disaster strikes and the three Americans (who would have guessed) find themselves alone, without too much of a clue of what to do next (like the Director, it would seem). Something strange has happened and they are all equally clueless about what exactly it was, apparently.

What follows goes quickly downhill and what story there is gets drip-fed to its audience who are just as, if not more, clueless and I expect, quickly running out of patience. The script is uninspiring, the plot practically non-existent, though the film should be applauded for its cinematography at times, though its hard to make the Arctic look dull, admittedly and the acting could have been much worse.

Nevertheless, this is not worthy of your time so I would avoid it. You can thank me later. I was hoping for an under the radar pearl, the likes of Cosmos, but heavens-to-betsy, far from it.


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