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Bank of Dave (2023)

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Took my time but got to it in the end. One little Burnley millionaire's dream to open a bank in light of stiff financial regulations from greedy banking Nazis that like their closed shop just as it is.

Huge behemoths are bad, little dreams with good intentions are good. Roll credits!

Narratively predictable, this is perfect for a Sunday afternoon as it will offend practically no-one (Def Leppard fans will be especially chuffed) as it is chock full of good feelings. It is a very attractive postcard for Burnley which I admit I never realised was quite so pleasant, even though it is only up the road.

Littered with talented and recognisable faces, this wasn't really the film I had been ignoring all this time, thinking it was quite something else. On reflection, I wished I had seen it sooner, given all of the fuzzy warmth emanating from it in every scene. It's so English as to be nearly channelling Richard Curtis, if only the script was a touch better. Still, this has a few pearls to thoroughly enjoy (and a love story!). Sometimes subtle, but often laugh out loud funny.

The performances are great of course. Given the talent, this will come as no surprise and it hits you in all the right places where your good nature needs a release from its daily soul cage. Very sweet altogether. That might be all the sugar poured on it.


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