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Big Gold Brick (2022)

Proof, if required, that getting your directionless mess of a film made is possible, albeit still tricky (pre-pandemic), please welcome to the stage, Mr Brian Petsos. Granted, this only got greenlit due to best buddy Oscar Isaac being on board as Executive Producer, but even so, what was Oscar thinking, backscratching aside? I know they're mates, but there's a difference between giving your buddy a writing credit and paying him to shag your Mum live on CNN. He definitely came out worse here. Tut tut, Oscar.

A pointless, senseless hatchet job of a film, with some great performances, particularly Isaac. Oh, the irony. Lucy Hale gets a job with proper actors for once, only to be given pointless lines and an enthusiastic make-up artist for company. Megan Fox takes her clothes off and flashes her jubblies, dressed in just her undies. You can almost see her rolling her eyes in her own scenes.

I would say don't waste your time, but no, go and seek it out. It will make everything else you see just that little bit sweeter.


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