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Bleeding Love (2023)

Real life father and daughter Ewan and Clara McGregor travel in a truck through New Mexico, playing the same parts as in real life but without the celebrity status.

Ewan (Father) has just picked up Daughter (Clara) from hospital after she has overdosed, so he imagines the best way for the two of them to bond after an extended estrangement is to travel across the dusty mostly nothingness, meeting an eclectic bunch of people along the way.


With strong performances you can't help but think that this is still almost completely tiresome and pointless. As a character study of alcoholism, it is far from beneficial and given that these two people are related in reality, their fictionalised relationship here is not as convincing as if they'd just played themselves and had done with it.

Not to say that this is bad even. Like I suggest, the performances are very good, but the plot is somewhat listless and dare I say it, dull. The script is routinely unadventurous for most of the running time, but occasionally has some real merit. I can't imagine what the pitch was for this, but no doubt the two McGregor's were looking for a project they could work on together and this was the best thing that came along at the time. Fair enough, I guess, but I found it to be altogether for too long with such little in it to speak of. 

It might have been better if they'd just stuck some cameras in the McGregor household for a generation and filmed what happened, then edited it down for suitable digestion. It would have been more interesting, I'm sure.


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