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Breathe (2024)

I think most people that watch alot of movies are the same to a certain extent. In regard, at least, at the their willingness to sit through just about anything to find the diamonds lurking unexpected, and their silent, private glee at seeing some of their favourite (rarely the best) great pretenders at work.

I'm the same, my guilty movie is the first Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovovich, who also features here. She is not the greatest actor anymore or less than this is not the greatest movie, but something in my noggin becomes unhinged when I see her smile. I get all, well, a bit doe-eyed and wibbly. Nonetheless, I probably wouldn't have seen this at all if not for her presence.

And unless you're also a Jovovich devotee, you're probably not going to find much here to get too thrilled about. It's action-lite and exposition heavy for the most part, telling a rather ridiculous story about what we can only assume is a post-apocalyptic America and a distinct lack of all plant-life and oxygen. In this circumstance, it appears that such an eventuality gives the whole atmosphere a curious sepia tone, for some reason.


Anyhow, believe it or not, there is one bright hope. A family with their own well protected oxygen generator that becomes the entire focus of the films' attention. Everybody wants to get their hands on it, for fair means or foul. Who to believe, who to trust? Aaah, the agony of choice, if only we were moved enough to be invested enough to care. Just smile and wave, Milla, just smile and wave.


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