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Clarkson's Farm (Season Two) - Amazon

Jeremy and the gang are back at Diddlysquat. Can't keep this Megan Markle-hater down for long, it seems. After a very public apology to those repellent media attention whores, Clarkson didn't actually end up getting cancelled. Who knew? Jeff Bezos must be expecting decent ratings for once. It's been a while, let's be honest. So here he lands, with an altogether different kind of muck-spreading.

Still trying to run a farm with absolutely no experience, he relies entirely on the help of those that actually know they are doing, whilst complaining animatedly about money in his own little office, cogitating over his lack of acumen and having the odd eureka moment about cows. His privilege screams volumes again, of course, almost as much as his ambivalence for following the advice of what he clearly views as country bumpkins and the odd village idiot. Posh toff gets his hands dirty. There is your draw.

The trick here is here to remember what you're laughing at, because it certainly is regularly funny.

Clarkson is the draw, true enough, proven by the always full car park at the farm shop. Perhaps he's not quite as ignorant as we first thought? He might well complain about the weather and the troubles he faces harvesting corn. But in the same sentence, he's happy to throw quarter of a million quid at a new restaurant on the farm, using only produce originating directly from it, without so much as batting an eyelid. Don't even get me started on his limited cow knowledge.

At least he can build a fence to keep them in. Well, mostly.

The fun of this is he can afford to be a complete moron when it comes to running a farm. He can be daft as he likes, play the fool and not worry about it. As such, we can laugh at his ignorance, safe in the knowledge that if the worst does happen, it won't really be too awful. Not for Clarkson, at least.


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