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Cold Wind Blowing (2022)

As you may know, I'm not a big fan of the cold. I'm not mad keen on the outside at all if the truth be known. The closest I ever came to the title of this before tonight was the strange polarising experience I have endured with a surprisingly aggressive curry.

And in all honesty, this does have an odd smell about it. A group of teenage victims-to-be travel to a cabin in the middle of nowhere at Christmas to be picked off by the local-clawed-thing that roams the area.

Unapologetically unoriginal in the extreme, you'd think that this would have been better, if only by the number of almost identical films it has to use as frames of reference.

It is not bad per se, the acting is better than the budget would suggest, but there are weak links in this area (I'll let you work these out for yourself) that let the side down. The direction is safe and in no mood to innovate and the plot is by now, predictable, although the group dynamics shift regularly throughout, making it engaging enough to sit through. Honestly, if you've seen any cabin in the wood films, then you've already seen this, as it brings nothing new, just yet more of the same.

Made on what looks like no budget and good will only, this has no right to be anything other than awful really, but you can tell it's trying its hardest, so it deserves a point for effort.


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