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Cunk On Earth

Diana Morgan stars in this Netflix/BBC mockumentary as Philomena Cunk, presenter and investigative idiot in Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker's new five-part comedy series. Cunk tackles the really big questions about humanity, evolution, history, faith and revolution to name but a few.

She interviews experts in their fields about the answers to her searching, incisive questions, which you would never imagine anyone would have the nerve to ask. She openly ponders the wonders of reality and existence, sharing her expertise with her audience as she travels the globe in search of answers to today's burning questions about the world we live in and who we really are.

This is not the first outing for Cunk, however, seen in the first series 'Cunk on Britain' a couple of years ago, also written by Brooker. She also appeared often on Brooker's own 'Weekly Wipe' back as early as 2013. Clearly a favourite of his then, and who can blame him. Morgan's portrayal of her is fantastic. Whilst the writing is excellent, Morgan's delivery has to be seen to be believed. She has me helplessly grinning all the way through her show, every single time. Playing on BBC iPlayer as we speak.


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