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Death of a Telemarketer (2020)

Was just wondering where the five million budget went? This has a couple of names of note attached to this, enough to make it interesting to give it an airing and coming from Stage 6, you expect a certain amount of quality and it's starts promisingly enough.

The vagaries of the sales industry has been approached many times before and often much better than this, but this still just about has enough going for it to sit through.

Lamorne Morris has more than enough about him to carry this without help, but then throw in Jackie Earle Haley and Haley Joel Osment and the questions about casting choices start to mount up.

Ridgeway's first directorial feature walks a fine line between comedy and drama and to be honest, it is precariously questionable in both departments. Situated largely in one location on one night. there is a decent intermittently sustained level of claustrophobic menace here which would have been better served played straight, which Morris could easily have pulled off, despite his New Girl credentials.

Easily forgotten, this tries to be better than the script and whilst the denouement is probably better than the rest of the whole film, it just can't be allowed to get away with it for that fact alone.


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