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Deus (2022)

It's been too long and I needed a sci-fi feature presentation fix. I enjoy my semi-regular visits to outer space, so was anticipating this may not be dreadful, given that veteran Claudia Black was taking part. Now Stargate and Farscape may not be to everyone's liking (including me), but you cannot deny she has extensive form in this department.

And this is just as well as she is doing most of the heavy-lifting in terms of performance, trying to make good a somewhat bad lot. The story is predictable nonsense, stretching even sci-fi credibility too far, with a budget and scripting that just can't keep up with its lofty ambitions.

Unceremoniously scraping bits of other, better science fiction projects does not make a film on its own. There are a myriad of inspirations (2001, Event Horizon, Sunshine, Alien, Solaris etc) showing like a breakout of unsqueezed acne, and hurled at the film with little or no real effort to make them fit.

The cast is, for the most part, quite solid and reliable. There are cracks here however, and what talent there is is let down by the frankly egregious scriptwriting. This is tricky and emotive subject matter, even in more considered hands, so perhaps we're on a hiding to nothing, after all. Getting out in one piece seems to be the aim of not just the characters, but the audience too.

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