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Deviation (2012)

One of the best performances I have seen from Danny Dyer. This doesn't mean it's any good. It just doesn't mean it's as bad as all of the other ones. He seems to be delving into actual acting here. I know it's hard to believe and I could barely take it all in, but yes, that seems to be about the size of it. Danny Dyer, trying a bit of acting. Well, whatever next?

Dyer plays the part of Frank Norton, a recently (and by recently, we mean the same day as the events taking place before us) escaped mental patient, who kidnaps Amber (Anna Walton), jumps in the car with her and bang, off we go.

This is not glamorous or polished in any way. I have watched a dozen movies just this year made by complete amateurs with the same production values as we see here, made with a cast and crew of half a dozen in total and made for less than a thousand pounds.

Anna Walton does the best she can with Amber, but the script is not up to much, and of that, she doesn't get the best lines anyway. She is everything you expect of a kidnapping victim at all the right moments; annoyingly predictable as an example of J K Amalou's lack of creativity.

You can only do so much with a story that spends its entirety stuck in one car or another. it requires both superlative acting and a tight, smart script. Even one of them would do. Unfortunately Deviation has neither of these things and given its star, this shouldn't really be surprising, but kudos to Dyer for trying something out of his comfort zone, even if this time, it didn't really pay off. Ninety minutes you'll never get back, so I recommend not shelling out your time for this in the first place.

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