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Do Revenge (2022)

Grown ups playing at being schoolkids again. This Cruel Intentions/Clueless wannabe for the newest, shiniest most photogenic generation isn't all that its cracked up to be. Sarah Michelle Gellar even gets a part as Headmaster of the school that our protagonist Drea (Camila Mendes) attends and Sophie Turner stumbles in and out of it, as if initially directed to the wrong film set, but just played along anyway.

Drea forms a friendship of sorts with the new girl at school Eleanor (Maya Hawke) when her sex tape is unceremoniously dumped by who she believes was her boyfriend. So far, so blah.

"We were two wounded soldiers on the battlefield of adolescence."

Tartans, pastels and berets are the order of the day as the school uniforms are as ridiculous as the belief that this holds any real relevance in a world few experience and less, if we're honest, would ever aspire to.

As time goes on, you start to wonder if this isn't all too cliched to be anything other than tongue-in-cheek. Directed without real innovation, but amiably simple and engaging, the performances are more than good enough to deliver the plot.

And as time goes on, there is little to change that ironic incredulity when a 'Strangers On A Train' pact is made between Drea and Eleanor, to get revenge on each other's nemesis.

In short, I'm not the demographic I think this is aimed to such an extent that whilst not aghast at events, I would be morbidly terrified if anyone on screen represented anything I thought I knew about the generation it purports to make an example of. If that makes me out of touch, I'll just stay blissfully ignorant, thanks very much.

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