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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary

You know what, best not to think about it, I reckon. Not for too long, anyway. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are both back for a three epsiode filler before the official arrival of Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa who takes over as the extroverted time-travelling fashion victim on Christmas Day on BBC and Disney+

Episode One - The Star Beast

Probably best thought of as a collection of holiday specials, brought on by the departure of Jodie Whittaker more than a year ago, we're re-introduced to Tennant as Doctor, back on Earth, trying to unsuccesfully avoid Donna Noble (Tate). Anyone would think it was fate, right?

Miriam Margolyes turns up as the voice of The Meep, a cute and furry alien that crash lands looking for sanctuary from the other aliens that are hunting them as the last of its kind. Coincidence then that The Doctor is around at the time. Not is all as it seems, however, as The Meep proves to be much less loveable than previously imagined. Theleast effective of the three episodes offered, with rarely any peril to frighten the little ones and no real menace or tension.

Episode Two - Wild Blue Yonder

The Doctor and Donna find themselves on an empty, seemingly abandoned, alien spaceship at the very edge of the Universe, surrounded literally by nothing. The most interesting concept of the episodes offered, with high jinks aplenty as the mystery of the empty ship slowly reveals itself, not to mention the fact that the two of them are not quite as alone as they first thought.

Episode Three - The Giggles

Neil Patrick Harris as The Toymaker steals this episode by a country mile and shines all of the time he is on screen, almost overshadowing the arrival of Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor. There is some menace within, with my personal least favourite element; dolls. Additionally, there is an appearance from a former companion here too, which raised a warm smile, as opposed to a laugh.

Overall, this feels more like "An Introduction To" than an homage to the well-loved time traveller, which would make sense, given the sway (and budget) that Disney enjoys, knowing that the upcoming season will feature heavily on that platform as well as on the UK flagship BBC1. There has to be a reason they're putting up the cost of a licence by a tenner, right? A fun three episode romp, not remotely stuffed with what you might expect - dewy-eyed honorable mentions. No daleks or cybermen in sight. What is the world coming to? Worth a watch, but bolted on for much more than a recognition of iconic history.

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