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Don't Tell A Soul (2021)

This was a blind one. No idea of the cast, story, budget before pressing play. Happily as the opening credits rolled, I saw Rainn Wilson's name. And Mena Suvari. My expectations piqued just a little.

We meet brothers Joey and Matt (Jack Dylan Grazer and Fionn Whitehead) as they are about to rob a house, believing there is a stack of cash inside. They are not bad boys, however, as this is a desperate measure to be able to pay for their Mother's (Suvari) medication. When they have committed the act and seemingly got away with it, barely out of the house, they literally run into Mr Hamby (Wilson), a security guard. They make a run for it into the woods and Hamby chases them.

He promptly falls twenty feet into an abandoned well, breaking an ankle.

And so the scene is set, all within the first few minutes. Question is, where do we go from here? Matt, the elder of the two brothers is of the belief that leaving this innocent man down the well to his fate is the best policy. Joey, however, is a kinder soul and has plans all of his own, despite the bullying from his older brother.

As you can imagine from this simple premise, there is more going on than you might initially imagine. The plot is neither laboured nor rushed, paced well and with just enough twists to keep you interested when boredom may have threatened to settle in. The performances are all good, though never outstanding and the whole project is easy to sit through and engagement is high throughout.

A pleasant surprise, though unlikely to set the world on fire. This must be true, as I would have at least heard of this before today if it had.


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