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Endings, Beginnings (2019)

Is this a stereotypical representation of today's modern, contemporary young woman? If so, you can keep her. She's way too selfish and no doubt riddled with a host of sexually transmitted diseases. Plus, I'm too old for her and lack the patience of having to explain her abhorrent shortcomings to her, so she wouldn't be interested anyway. At least, not for long.

The story of a woman that broke up with her partner of four years for reasons she doesn't even understand herself, who moves into her sisters pool house (must be awful for her, eh?) and then decides to grab hold of as many dicks as she can get her grubby hands on in the shortest possible time. All in the guise of 'finding herself'. She sounds like a delight, right?

I could be accused of being a bluff old traditionalist, but one at a time should be enough for anyone, unless you find yourself at a 'sexy party' and that's exactly what you planned, just for an evening of organised debauchery. This woman has seen more cock than your local butcher and not batted an eyelid. Okay, maybe it's her right as a woman to play the field and try different men on for size. Men have been doing it for decades and nobody has a pop at them for it.

Maybe it's just my surreptitious, subconscious sexism baring its teeth. You would have to tell me if this a bonafide heroine to women that this film is targeted at, because honestly, I'm not seeing it.

I won't argue that it's very pretty to look at with amiable direction and the cinematography is impressive when it has time to flex, which admittedly isn't too often. The script is almost like a foreign language to me, not falling anywhere near the realms of my reality in an understandable way that I can measure or relate to.

If these people were real, I would avoid them.

The best thing I can say about the performances is that they are never outlandish enough to be noteworthy with both Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan not trying just hard enough and Woodley making enough of an impression to imagine that she would get fairly short shrift with anyone I know personally for reasons I have already highlighted. That is a backhanded compliment, I suppose, given that I would imagine the Woodley is not like this in real life.

I will have forgotten this by tomorrow and I'm unlikely to think about it again.


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