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Enemy - Imagine Dragons x J.I.D

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Released this week is Riot Games' new season of Arcane, spawned from League of Legends, featuring the story of two sisters living in the underground city of Zaun in a dangerous dystopian cyberpunk landscape. Termed a 'Series Event', this is more work from Fortiche Studios, the team responsible for not only League of Legends distinctive animation, but also for the digital representations of the music phenomenon that is KDA

To be fair, the animation is jaw-dropping as standard and as if to show off a little more than even they need to, they also animated this video for Imagine Dragons and J.I.D, highlighting some of the characters in the Arcane Netflix 'Event', as well as turning the artists involved here into Arcane characters in their own right. Supremely cool. It's what Fortiche do, after all.


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