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Expired aka Loveland (2022)

I'm glad that I'm not the only person that got the Blade Runner vibe from this. I was looking over a few peer reviews to see what they thought as I was having real trouble getting my head around how this made me feel and what I wanted to say about it.

The narration was nonsense, first of all, and it may be the reason that I was put in mind of Blade Runner in the first place, but then throw in the 'would you live forever, but you could never feel love' philosophy and it starts to get a little too navel-gazing either for its own good or for mine.

It isn't acted well and the only time it really perks up is when Weaving is involved for some handy exposition, breaking up the protracted feeling of only being awake for two minutes, and realising you're already half an hour late for work. It accidentally hits chords sporadically by scatter gunning everything in front of it. Even a broken clock tells the time right twice a day, after all.

Looks pretty and it's very occasionally prophetic, but that isn't enough to save this from disappearing up its own arsehole.

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