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Fall (2022)

If fat, ugly chicks climb mountains, there doesn't appear to be anyone filming their achievements. Apparently this adventure seems reserved for Disney Princesses. Makes sense really as the majority of those are also gobsmackingly stupid.

Personally, I find this past-time inherently idiotic anyway, vertigo notwithstanding. I fail to understand the reasoning behind doing something so dangerous for a laugh.

"No Trespassing, Danger of Death."

Need we go on? Really? I guess it wouldn't be much of a film if they spotted the sign and heeded the very sage advice, went home and waggled their breasts at their YouTube audience instead, now would it.

Well, this had the desired effect. The backs of my legs went all wobbly, just as if I was climbing that tower myself, so the films' reality settings had me unconsciously and biologically alert, saying something for the authentic feel it inspires. In the same way that only teenagers on camera go to the cabin in the woods for the weekend, so it should also be true for bored climbers. The differences here are opportunity and reality, the people doing the thing they shouldn't be doing can be equally dumb.

Predictable in the extreme, this tests the viewer only in their ability to continue watching the screen when they much rather wouldn't for at least one of a possible number of reasons.

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