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Family Squares (2022)

The second film just today featuring the mighty June Squibb in at least some form. Here, this pandemic inspired project features the end of Mabel's (Squibb) life as shown to the entire family via a Zoom call and the subsequent Zoom calls that the ensemble attend to sort out the plans for her funeral.

Mabel has not had her final word, however, and appears in recordings played to the entire family that tell some shocking well kept secrets and unloads some overdue home truths.

Firstly, we are more than spoilt by the casting. Getting this particular collection of talent together at the same time, albeit far removed, is something of a feat, especially given the timing. There is no weak link here and the entire project feels just like a family doing their thing, because they have to and not because they want to.

The story is endearing throughout, but often light-hearted, which the cast are all capable of pulling off effortlessly. Sometimes, it's all a little too real, if you're fortunate enough to have an expansive, eclectic family. It goes without saying that if this is the case then you're not so far removed from the family we witness here. There will always be something going on with all of them. How you partake in that as a member is where the skill would seem to lie.

Heartfelt and with the best intentions, this is a great piece of work that most will recognise themselves in, at least in some small part.

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