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Follower (2022)

Honestly, this is not great. But also, not as bad as I imagined it to be. I am rarely put off a movie by a bad review, as you shouldn't in fact, but my expectations for this were not high to begin with, so I was nowhere as disappointed as I might have been, going into this entirely blind.

The story of three recently graduated high school friends going camping in the middle of nowhere, one of which is a 'social influencer' is not remotely original and rarely sparks up enough interest to keep both eyes open. The character of each of these girls is suitably woke at times and teeth-gratingly annoying at others. What is consistent is the feeling that you wouldn't mind if any of them met a decidedly ugly end much like the followers' crew of commenters, who are pushing this pursuer in the mask to do just that, ending all three of them.

Made with a micro-budget, the performances themselves are actually not that bad with all of three featured adventurers showing some promise, engaging just enough to develop a feeling of mild disdain for all of them. The 'follower' in question is less evident, much like many of the best cinematic lunatics, staying off the screen for as long as possible.

All in all, this is exactly what you would expect from a determined independent project with no money, minimal crew and questionable talent in direction, writing and editing. This is noticeably short at just over an hour and looks like a exercise in film school wish-fulfilment. James Rich is, judging by his IMDB entry, somewhat of a novice, so should be applauded for his efforts, but I'm not sure throwing a wad of cash at him to make his next movie would prove to be the best idea.

Proof that really anyone can make a movie. And further proof that not everybody should.

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