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Forza Horizon 5

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

For the people not prepared to pay $100 (£84.99) for the honour of playing this four days early, today is the first proper day on release for the new Forza Horizon adventure. As a Gamepass subscriber, we got our hands on it at midnight last night. From the scratching of the surface I've done so far, this seems more of the same as the fourth incarnation, but bigger, shinier and set in Mexico, instead of drizzly Scotland.

First impressions are outstanding, as you would expect with Playground Games essentially getting an extra year of development in order to tweak the bits that need addressing and enlarging the already expansive play area. Grab a controller and you're good to go, straight out of the back of an aeroplane as you're literally dropped into the mayhem.

This is going to be a frenetic, breakneck week!! See the trailer below to get a feel.


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