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Freeze The Fear with Wim Hof (BBC)

Lee Mack and Holly Willoughby join notorious iceman Wim Hof and a group of eight celebrities as they face some truly white knuckle challenges in the Italian mountains.

Six episodes seems just about right and the celebrities gelled together really well as a group. Each episode did have a habit of getting a bit too cheesy as one of the celebrities would give the audience their back stories which we heard as a fly on the wall as the conversations took place, which after the first one, seemed way too contrived, which were usually tinged with some kind of hardship or tragedy.

Altogether it was interesting to see which celebrities would excel and which would find the challenges the most difficult, with some very surprising outcomes. Often sweet and emotional for the celebrities, clearly putting themselves through things that they would previously never have imagined even attempting, this rubs off on the audience. I felt I was going through some of the trials with them, such were the emotions raised by the group members. Wim Hof is a remarkable man, clearly, and his unshakeable positivity and enthusiasm radiated to all of the group, providing some incredible results.

A really exhilarating adventure that I was more than happy to observe from a safe distance.


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