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From (Season Two) - MGM+

Five episodes in of one of the most highly anticipated 'difficult second albums'. Few first seasons have been so obvious about their intentions, when a bus full of victims turns up at the diner, fodder required no doubt, for the ever-increasing pile of limbs and organs that the show is so keen to embellish its story with.

All of the familiar faces are in attendance again this time, but now we have another couple of dozen to get our heads around. Most, we know, will not be featured in too much detail, aside from convenient plot development, but given the pace this dramatic exercise in real terror was running at, there needed to be some people added to make the plot, which is just as challenging as season one, a bit more chunky and chewy.

The Lost vibe is still evident, helped obviously by the continuing appearance of Harold Perrineau, but it's more than that. Lost's draw was the complete 'wtfness' about the whole thing from minute one on the plane, through many, many seasons beyond probably what was really required. We have to hope that the same is not true here also. Season One really developed the characters but only ethereally dallied with the reasons why all of these people were stuck in a town with no escape.

With the appearance of a raft of new characters, this tends to lend itself to more of the same and that grip on why and how seems equally slippery. This drawn-out tension doesn't do the marketing department any harm, I'm sure, but may come across as frustrating for those that just want to know what the bloody hell is going on and the show should ensure that it doesn't outstay its welcome in this regard.

Full of excellent performances and intriguing back stories, there is enough here to do this for quite some time, but only if the audience has the patience for it.


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