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Ghosted (2023)

I'm honestly not sure what I was really expecting, but this definitely wasn't it. Chris Evans steps out of his normal two dimensional comfort zone, hurling his shield in patriotic spandex, and ventures into what might be the most unusual romantic comedy you'll see for a while. He doesn't quite reach the full three dimensions required here to make his performance engaging and believable, but nonetheless, kudos for the attempt is due.

Sharing the lead role is love-you-long-time Stevie favourite, Ana De Armas, who I have been unashamedly drooling over since she got soaked on an impromptu night out at Keanu Reeves' house when his wife and kids were out of town. Her presence alone was the reason I turned up if I'm honest. Whoever was playing the insanely lucky bastard opposite her wouldn't make the slightest difference, really. Just as well.

I was expecting something with a bit more gravitas, but what I got was more of a Vauxhall Conference version of Knight & Day in reverse. It was then that it dawned on me how Dexter Fletcher ended up in charge. When we both drank in the same pub in Manchester, many years ago, he never seemed to be the type that would end up doing something too serious. Ta-da!

The Executives at Apple may well have watched Ana De Armas dispensing Bond's justice in No Time To Die and thought "wow, she looks a bit handy," and they would be right to a point, but pretty damsel superspy falling in love with a leading man in more distress than she is, is perhaps a leap too far for anyone to truly swallow, so really, she is up against it. She's just too pretty, dammit.

It ticks all of the woke boxes required, portraying Sadie as dangerous, capable, smart and formidable, all of the qualities that Disney and Marvel want you to see in our current female leads, strong and assured in spite and not because of the idiot men they have to put up with.

Sometimes funny (I actually laughed a couple of times at Evans' clueless and helpless portrayal of Cole) which enjoys but really doesn't deserve a great supporting cast including John Cho, Adrien Brody, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Ryan Reynolds.

A bit overlong and under-developed with mostly dreadful characterisation, this remains an entertaining couple of hours that does have the odd laugh in it and plenty of action, but you need to ignore its shortcomings to really enjoy it.


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