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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

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Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig team up once more for another tale in the career of 'the world's best detective', Benoit Blanc, as he is invited to an idyllic private island for a murder mystery adventure designed by the island's owner Miles Bron (Edward Norton)

The feel is in keeping with what you have no doubt seen and loved already, not detracting too far from what was a sleepy but inarguable success story the first time around. It has the same approach story-telling as the last one, with the inevitable whodunnit speeches delivered by Blanc, having put together the clues, while the rest of the all-star cast are left in open-mouthed wonder.

Both Johnson and Craig are not backward in coming forward for their love of the franchise, even if it is only two episodes in, openly stating that they will make as many of these movies as they can, while people continue to want to pay to see them. Something of a surprise then to see it have only a short limited cinematic release before hitting Netflix, I believe, only a week later. Whether a longer run would have proven more popular, we will never know, such is the power of the guaranteed return from entertainment's biggest stick.

If anything is markedly different, it is with much more emphasis on Blanc's character, an individual who was probably more popular than either Johnson or Craig would have freely admitted at the outset. No bad thing, as watching Craig doing something so well that he also enjoys is a treat for all of us, despite the continually unusual accent.

A jolly entertaining murder romp for modern times that goes for the widest audience and expects to reach it. Immense fun throughout, with a not complicated story, great pacing and wonderful main performances. You really can't go wrong with these two luminaries working together, at least not yet. I, like many, am already looking forward to the next one.


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