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Good Omens 2 (Amazon Prime)

Neil Gaiman goes 'off-book', extending the Terry Pratchett tale of the unusual and eventful long-term (and I do mean long term) relationship between Angel (Michael Sheen) and Demon (David Tennant).

Originally slated for a one-off mini-series, both the success of the first season and Gaiman's brain niggling at him with this new story meant Season Two (six episodes) was practically inevitable. Supported by a more than able cast of seasoned players, famous in their own right, the new season skips along quicker than we would like.

Tennant and Sheen bounce off each other with ease, now more than comfortable in one another's' company, not least for their previous visit to Pratchett's original and their work on the BBC's 'Staged'. Here, the enduring plot is one of the mysterious arrival of the Archangel Gabriel, played by Jon Hamm, naked and seemingly clueless, having no memory of who he is or why he's there.

This is great fun overall, with a playful script, excellent performances and admirable design. Already being a fan of Pratchett's work and Gaiman's, albeit to a lesser extent, I knew I would be in for a good time. And so will you, and like me, you will wish it lasted longer. We can only hope that a third season comes quicker.


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