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Gran Turismo (2023)

There is a very good reason why this is a movie and not a documentary; being that this is such a farcical idea that common sense just would not sit still and accept it, no matter how much Nissan might want it to.

As an idea. it is a sound one - what would happen if? - is as good a start to a movie as anything else, no matter how ludicrous. And yes, this is inspired by a true (if rightly unbelievable) story.

And what starts out as a good idea doesn't last too long, as the original concept of the film, its very reason for being, is tossed away in under an hour, for a much more formulaic and well-trodden tale about never giving up and being determined, no matter the stakes or odds against you. The 'dorks done good' element was just a hook, apparently. I don't play the game (never have) any more than I play FIFA (never have), but if I did and was good at it, I wouldn't expect a contract with Barcelona either, so perhaps Blomkamp just quietly put the original idea aside after awhile, hoping no-one would notice.

As such, don't be fooled by the marketing as this is not an adaptation of a video game of the same name. At least not by the time it ended. This is a well performed, engaging story with fast cars that also isn't Fast & Furious.

Some of the goodwill no doubt comes from the appearance of David Harbour, a Stranger Things favourite of many viewers. Orlando Bloom too is passable while never really getting the chance to shine, much like Djimon Hounsou and former Spice Girl Geri Horner. (guessing her motorsport connection played a part in her brief but satisfying appearance).

Overall, a solid drama from Blomkamp that actually ended up being better than expected. Playing the game or even having heard of it is no obstruction to getting the most out of this, so feel free to not become a GT expert before sitting down with it.


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