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Halo (Paramount+) (2022)

Raised eyebrows and questions have been the initial response to the existence of this new television series from Paramount. Most of the response emanates from an already well-established community of hardened fans of the franchise, most often asking why this exists at all. Paramount may have been hoping to garner the support of this huge community to enable this to stretch further than just die-hards, but so far, the response has been more critical than the makers will have liked.

Only into the second episode and to the only barely trained eye, this looks like a decent homage to the game franchise that spawned Master Chief and Cortana, delving into the back story that others may have been missing. Far from an expert in this field, as someone who stopped playing Halo after the first game, twenty-plus years ago, I wouldn't know how to argue with its critics at this stage, but as the season continues, I will still be very happy to see the story unfold.


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