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Heart of Stone (2023)

Another one of those showreels for whoever wants to be the next Bond, as sponsored by Netflix. Seriously though, how are we here yet again? Does Gadot have a contract with the streaming monster to produce x numbers of movies?

As if Red Notice was not bad enough (and I understand there is a sequel on the way for that). This is just Netflix waving their dick about the place if you ask me, just because they have the biggest one in the room, having emasculated everyone else with this stream of female empowered nonsense.

Sure, make Gadot the world's most super-secret superspy and make her better than all of the men she comes up against in skills, smarts and even brute force, but can we at least try and recognise the fact the she is not a magician or miracle worker like the script would have you believe.

The plot is beyond ridiculous and the whole thing is either ludicrous and/or convenient (sometimes both at the same time) you cannot deny that it is still entertaining on average. It wants to be a nineties Mission Impossible, just with a female lead, but I'm sorry, as odd as Tom Cruise is, he is still head and shoulders (j/k) above this Amazonian goddess.

I keep telling Netflix to 'just bloody well stop it, okay?' but they don't pay any attention to me, mores the pity. Too much bloody money, clearly.

Bah and pfft.


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