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House of Gucci (2021)

When rebellious son, Maurizio, of the Gucci empire (Driver) meets alleged gold-digging Patrizia Reggiana (Gaga) it seems that both of their fates are sealed. He is obsessed by her to the point of giving up everything, as threatened by his father (Irons) and she bats her eyelids nonetheless, perhaps playing the long game already.

When the now estranged couple are invited to Maurizio's Uncle's (Pacino) birthday party, Patrizia is openly keen to go, although Maurizio is more reluctant, but will not deny her anything, it seems.

And so Patrizia's plan of total brand domination begins...

It's important that you be aware that you do not need a sense of fashion yourself to glean the most of what Ridley Scott offers here, for this is little more, at its roots, than a suitably gripping family legacy played out where we have access to all of the stories from each horses' mouth and a degree in costume design isn't really required.

The performances are all excellent, but this shouldn't really come as a surprise as this bunch of talented, attention-seeking extroverts are all playing something so similar as to be tricky to tell the breed apart.

Brass tacks, this is eighties Dallas or Dynasty dressed up as something more glamourous and cinematic by names alone. This doesn't make it bad by any means as the aforementioned soaps were at times compulsive, riveting viewing, not dissimilar to this, but like Gucci, how you dress it up is often not what really counts.

Recommended for a great performance by Lady Gaga, who is proving herself to be at least as good an actor as she is a singer.


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