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I Came By (2022)

Stuffed with enough talent to make a BBC casting director take notice, this Film4 effort is deceptively easy on the eye. A tense thriller starring Hugh Bonneville in a role you rarely see him portraying, that of antagonist. He's normally so warm and cuddly. Not so here.

His performance is the standout but he's ably supported by Kelly MacDonald, Percell Ascott and George MacKay amongst others. Whilst this dawdles a fraction too long to be comfortable pace-wise, it still has you on the edge of your seat, just for slightly longer than you would want.

The story of a graffiti artist with revolutionary tendencies that breaks into one house too many is almost believable, insomuch as you might argue that even with his legal and police connections, our villain would probably not have lasted as long as a free man, and killed as many, as he did here.

It's not too taxing but has its fair share of loose ends. Just what was on that USB drive? A satisfying, if chaotic, third act provides suitable amounts of closure, but you will, to be sure, be left asking questions.

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