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Immanence (2022)

The synopsis was only really telling half the story. If it had been honest and said the film was going to drone on at you for an hour and half about God, I could have been in church. Now I'm not a god-botherer any more than I am bothered about god. Take or leave a divine deity for all I care, it makes no difference to me, but when something dressed up as entertainment is really something else, well, it kinda grinds my gears.

The same thing happened a couple of months ago with a pro-life/anti-abortion movie that left us in no doubt about what the writer wanted us to swallow, whether we liked or believed it and I am getting a similar whiff here. If I wanted a lecture, I would go take a class.

The story premise is actually quite promising to begin with and I anticipated another pearl like Cosmos, but it quickly goes downhill. The acting performances are fine, if I imagine, a little uncomfortable, but the fact that the players get all the way to the end without walking off upon realising what they actually signed up to is testament to their collective work ethics.

Thinly veiled propaganda that really isn't fooling (or entertaining for that matter) anyone with more than half a brain and who also doesn't want to waste it on this load of old tosh.

The nicest thing I could say is that it could have been so much worse, but just gets away with being subpar unforgiveable, which will probably not please the makers one bit, given how they are going to need a certain amount of forgiveness if they are going to get into whatever afterlife they have planned.


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