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Isolated (2022)

If it was an episode of The Twilight Zone, it would have been one of those that you would probably have forgotten. The length would make more sense as very little content of note is forthcoming and the general conceit lends itself to the unusual and quirky 'what if' question.

Also known as O9en Up for some unknown reason, Isolated is ostensibly as single-hander starring KateLynn Newberry (striking resemblance to Alison Brie, at first glance) waking up in a cell with no recollection of how she got there, and her attempt to escape. Okay, we understand, no budget.

Directed by Tyler Lee Allen, this is only slightly more than what is glaringly obvious. There are nuances should you take the trouble to spot them and there are hints throughout at a conclusion that may or may not be worth sitting through the entire thing for, for to you to reach a more satisfying experience.

Newberry does just fine, though is never outstanding, but looking at what she's being dealt, it easy to understand why. Her ability to dislocate her shoulder both by accident and on purpose is a little bit of a stretch, not to mention the script which is as perplexing as it is unusual for this type of thing. The pace, as you can imagine is painful, reserved for those who need a stairlift to get them to bed in the evening.

In all, this could have been worse. Not a glowing endorsement I know, but honestly, my conscience rarely allows me to be this forgiving.


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