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Italian Studies (2022)

First point of note. This will not be for everyone. Do not expect a masterpiece, because even for those that appreciate it, it will still be largely moot. I mean, just how much can you be entertained by a woman wandering aimlessly around New York all night.

I am very reluctant to be all 'cold world' about this meditative jaunt through the city streets and the apparently inevitable conversations this lost writer becomes embroiled in. Although we have to acknowledge that this is patently untrue and therefore must an ideal for purposes of creation.

The lives of strangers can indeed be fascinating if you have the time to stop and ask and listen. Human beings are remarkable, after all, but calling three pieces of bread a 'bread sandwich' may be a more rewarding way of looking at life than just three pieces of bread and the fact that it occurs to more people than you think doesn't make you unique per se, nor learned for hearing it. Not exactly an epiphany to realise that the word 'bark' can relate to trees and dogs. It might be interesting to employ said fact in the written word, but really, this is 'American teenagers espouse worthless naïve pearls.'

If Vanessa Kirby was not actually stoned during large portions of the filming, then she is doing a great job here convincing us that she was. We would have to assume that the plot is as full of holes as memory of the events in question, but the does not help the viewer out at all in the piecing of it all together. The narrative is sketchy as is everything else, with the exception of the acting from Kirby, which was engaging and interesting to see. Overall this is something of a non-event that will most likely leave you feeling short-changed for the amount of time or money you have invested in it.


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