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Johnny English Reborn (2011)

The idiot/genius is back! Johnny has been away from MI-7 for five years in some corner of the globe training with what appear to be Shaolin Monks when he gets the call to return, in order to, once again, perform his duties for Queen and country.

So begins another farce of spy shenanigans and ineptitude as Johnny travels the globe in order to catch the members of assassin trio 'Vortex' before they get chance to kill the Chinese Premier.

This is just more of the same silliness we have been forced to sit through since the last time the rubber-faced Atkinson put down his Mr Bean hat. The story is outlandish and unconvincing (naturally) and the jokes are not funny enough or arrive often enough to warrant the films existence, really. Mugging unfortunate grannies and hurtling at 60pmh on a mobility scooter are worthy of a smile, but little more. The film is never out-and-out-spit your-coffee-out funny at any stage and given the great production values and not inconsiderable budget, this really isn't good enough. Atkinson is his usual self, backed up by simple and pedestrian supporting roles from Rosamund Pike, Gillian Anderson and Dominic West. No fault here on their part as this is Atkinson's thing from minute one and none of these characters are ever given a real chance to shine.

Never what you would call offensive or inspirational in any way, this is comedy flotsam that the world didn't really need. Those that do see it will probably shrug and rightly say, "so?...." Forgettable and slightly below average


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