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Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (Netflix)

Documentary featuring the story of the FLDS (Fundamental Latter Day Saints) and their notorious polygamous prophet, Warren Jeffs.

Ultimately nicked for filthy, misogynistic under-fumbling in the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Jeffs headed the FLDS after the death of his father, to become his Pope-like Prophet replacement. In his time in charge he had been accused of trafficking girls, paedophilia, arranging under-age marriages for girls to older men against their will, embezzlement, theft etc etc, the list goes on.

This four part documentary tells of the beginning of the religion and its apparent similarity to the Mormon church, except in one fundamental way, being that men should be allowed, and encouraged, to marry as many women as possible. A minimum of three would be required to reach the pinnacle of the hereafter, so the teachings suggest.

This has alot in common with the 'Going Clear' Scientology documentary from 2015 from Paul Haggis, featuring 'survivors' of the religion, now able to speak out after escaping the grasping clutches of the church. If one thing God should have taught us all is that you should never trust a man in a position of religious power, as they cannot be trusted to honour it. Only human, not a God, after all.


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