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Last Radio Call (2022)

Starts like a budget Silent Hill found footage wannabe, with an undemanding plot; to discover what happened to Officer David Serling on the night he disappeared. This mockumentary features Serling's wife, Sarah, as well as footage found from what happened on the night that David went to an abandoned hospital and was never heard from again.

The plot is simple as you might expect, the sound design obnoxious. The acting is about up to scratch for what we are expecting from those tasked to deliver it, but the project is not asking much of the talent on display.

As a piece of entertainment, this would have been better served as an independent horror game as there are intermittent moments that are unsettling but piecing these together as a movie has always been more demanding in cinematic form, requiring some kind of plausible narrative thread which is often left wanting here. This is more forgivable in a game, however.

Cliched and predictable, this doesn't have alot going for it for either the cinephile or the seasoned horror lover as both will no doubt be left exasperated by its shortcomings.


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