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Last Train to Christmas (2021)

The 3:17 to Nottingham is a train of wonders. So much so, I can't decide if I would ever want to get on it. Nightclub owner Tony Towers doesn't have that choice, he is going to Nottingham with his young, pretty fiancée, meeting his brother and wife on the way.

Michael Sheen plays Peter Stringfellow-esque in this miniature Quantum Leap episode, where Tony is always the star, but as he goes through each carriage on the train, he doesn't know which decade of his life he'll end up in. Whilst he does have some control over the carriages based on what he does in the previous one, he still has no idea of what he's walking into until he meets it face on.

What starts of as seemingly a simple comedy then morphs into a more challenging time-travel adventure, but as the decades start to mount up, it becomes much more challenging to follow and you may find yourself wanting to stay in those periods you find most familiar as the attention to detail is as impressive as the acting.

Sheen is fantastic of course and gets the chance to really get to grips with Tony's many incarnations as he travels forwards and backwards through his life, but what surprised me more was Cary Elwes performance(s) as his brother Roger, who was excellent.

Whilst not entirely festive, there is a Christmas Carol feel to this, with Tony visiting the ghosts of his past and future and the third act pulls all of the chaos that has gone before together in a fulfilling conclusion for the audience.


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