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Late Night with The Devil (2024)

Firstly, I am very pleased to finally see David Dastmalchian taking a lead role in a movie. Frankly, it's not before time and it's fair to say he has more than earned it. This is maybe not what I would have chosen for him for such a moment, but it could have been a good degree worse.

Playing the role of late night recently widowed TV host Jack Delroy, this Shudder produced effort, set in the late seventies, may not fly today. Given how general public exprience and opinion has matured since then, it isn't likely that such a 'Halloween special' would still garner such fixed eyeballs.

And this may be the opinion of some of those that have been less than glowing about the project. It's just about authentic enough, but given the entirety is placed indoors on one set, this could be described as less than challenging to begin with, so convincingly placing this story is less impressive than the show itself, which reminded me of Alan Partridge on occasion, such was the cheesy premise and sometimes cringing awkwardness.

The first two acts are really quite perfunctory with only the occasional reason to pay attention. Not until the third act do things really start to go helter skelter and the Prince of Darkness himself allegedly makes an appearance, threatening not only to scupper proceedings, but come straight through to your living room too.


This never escapes its potential personal lunacy and suggested madness hinted at the closure, prevailing in spite of of everything, begging the question of what the film is really about. Horror and grief are comfortable partners, after all.


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