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Luckiest Girl Alive (2022)

Well, well, well I really wanted to like this. In fact, to be pedantic, I really wanted to like what the trailer sold, not the dressed up Cosmopolitan article that the entire film was centred around. Having a scan through the credits and it became clear just what levels we were stooping to.

A dark 'Gone Girl' or 'Woman on the Train' it is definitely not. Despite it's very obvious aspirations, this is nowhere near as clever as it wants you to think it is, though the trailer doesn't say as much, for obvious reasons, because you really just wouldn't have bothered with it to begin with.

It skates around important, emotive subject matter with just it's toes in the shallow end, never going fully under incase it ruins its hairdo. The main character arc is potentially believable, but so unlikely that actually pulling it off is quite the job, which is evidently beyond the script. Kudos to Kunis, however, for having a stab at it nonetheless. She is much better than what she offers here.

A half-arsed attempt at taking full advantage of what every woman allegedly feels. If only it were treated with the same importance. As if to highlight just how much this apparently resonated with women everywhere, it ends with the most ludicrous scene which belittles what confidence we could have originally mustered for the project.

Suffice to say, I have been writing articles for nearly twenty years and can count on one hand (with several fingers to spare) the number of times I have seen a stranger on a train reading something I wrote. Each time it felt slightly uncomfortable and about as far removed from the huge self-validating shot in the arm we're led to believe here.


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